Cam Stovicek was born and raised in Vermilion, OH, with a unique home experience. Two days after her 9th birthday, her mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Her introduction to the MS and disability communities, as well as her caring upbringing, inspired her passion for helping people. Watching her mother’s MS develop changed the way she thought about disability and sparked an interest in exploring implicit biases. Growing up in an artistic family, Cam was inspired to pursue a career that combined her love of art and her inspiration to help others. This influence led her to pursue art therapy by attending the University of Cincinnati, where she is studying Fine Arts with a minor in Psychology and certificates in Pre-Art Therapy and Developmental Disabilities. These various areas of study are all influences in her artistic practice. Focusing on ink and digital illustration, Cam creates work surrounding the ideas of disability awareness and mixing art and psychology.
Artist Statement
Many people are unable to communicate specific thoughts or feelings simply due to a lack of words to describe them. My illustrations represent the idea of holding back emotions and perceptions for fear of confrontation or the inability to articulate oneself. Through a combined process of free-thought writing and illustration, my work operates to convey messages that may otherwise be difficult to portray through conventional means. By writing first and creating second, I draw from multiple modes of expression to depict abstract emotions more concretely. While these works draw from specific events in my life, I encourage the viewer to step into the artwork from their perspective, reflecting on a time when they could not express themselves.
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