Expression comes as a journey.
With barricades and obstacles,
triumphs and losses.

I spend so much energy bottling things up.
For the sake of others,
for the sake of my sanity.
But that all becomes temporary.
without warning,
a wave crashes in.
A tsunami.
I see it coming from miles away.
I feel the darkness of its presence.
Even so,
it terrorizes me.
It destroys my city.
It is my barricade.

I have been taken in a new direction.
I chose a different path.
This path is calming.
The yellow brick road,
the road not taken;
we spend our time here in bliss.
Meditating on the power of ourselves.
Learning who we are
and who we are to be.
This is the journey of triumphs.

So, join me, traveler,
for I have lived.
I have seen the beauty of pain
and the power of weakness.
We have a long way left to go,
but may the power of art
provide us strength and wisdom,
along our journey of woes.
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